Pulse May 2019 - Page 54

l Suppose that tonight, while you slept, a miracle happened in your organization. When you wake up tomorrow morning, what will you notice? What will your employees or customers notice? l What dreams do your employees have for the business or their team? l What do you feel are the most promising areas in which to expand the joy in our organization? l What communication would need to happen in order to create engagement around this area? l What are the specific behaviors you want your spa associates to implement in order to create a culture of joy? deSIgn: The next step in the ai process is the Design stage. here, you’ll create and design what you want, as well as look at how your ideal scenario could be feasible. This is where you begin to dialogue and decide how you are going to make your dreams happen. Questions for this stage might be: deStInY: The last “D” stands for Destiny. This is when people commit to the aspirations they want to achieve. During this stage the implementation of change is emphasized. Questions we might need to ask are: l What’s the first thing that’s needed to make this plan happen? l how we will show appreciation to team members when they have followed through on implementing these new changes or behaviors? appreciation is a huge opportunity to not only accelerate your spa associates’ performance, but also increase your return on Equity and continue to grow in a way that creates positive outcomes and unleashes joy in your workplace. n next StePS to APPrecIAte YoUr ASSetS: 1. Develop a practice of appreciating one person each day. it could be a spa associate, a customer or even a vendor. 2. Look at your customer service or workplace culture, then use the four Ds of appreciative inquiry to discover how you can unleash joy in that situation. “Our role as RARE leaders is to tailor the appreciation we show to our employees in a way that is meaningful to them, not easiest for us.” stay tuned for the final part of the series, which discusses how to elevate the energy of your workplace. daWn kaiser is an author and speaker who specializes in energizing groups to unleash joy in the workplace. Dawn was a speaker at the 2017 ISPA Conference & Expo. You can contact Dawn at dawn@dawnkaiser.com. 52 PULSE ■ MAY 2019