Pulse May 2019 - Page 51

imagine Waking uP each morning excited to go to your sPa because it makes your heart sing—and that everyone else on your team feels the same way. Imagine working with people who are lit up from the inside out because you have aligned what they do at work with their experiences and strengths. Imagine leading a business where your “life’s work”—the very act of doing something for others—is fully cherished and valued by those you provide the service to and those who work with you. Imagine the yet untapped possibilities for you, those you work with and your spa business if this were your day-to-day experience. in the march issue of Pulse, i introduced a three-part series focused on four uncommon habits that joy-driven leaders employ to refuel positivity and engagement while deliv- ering predictable excellence. We discussed how you can be a rarE leader by “rediscovering your relationships.” in this article i want to concentrate on the second habit, which is to “appreciate your assets.” appreciate means to value and recognize the best in people and the world around us. it means to affirm past and present strengths, successes and potential. There are two ways to utilize appreciation in order to create a culture of joy as a spa owner or manager. The first is by using appreciation to validate and reinforce the positive behaviors and efforts you want to see from your spa associates. in the 2018 o.c. Tanner whitepaper “Business case for recognition,” they shared a statistic that is quite shocking: “79% of people who quit their jobs cite ‘lack of appreciation’ as their reason for leaving.” The white paper also goes on to state that o.c. Tanner partnered with healthStream research to test for a connection between appreciation and business results, and what they found was that “companies that effectively recognize excellence in their employees enjoyed a return on Equity (roE), which encompasses profitability, asset management and financial leverage, of more than three times higher than the return experienced by businesses that don’t.” appreciation isn’t just about going around the workplace giving your spa associates a high five and saying “good job.” rather, effective appreciation is about being timely, specific and meaningful. “Appreciation isn’t just about going timing is everything Let’s look at the first around the workplace element: being timely. We want to use appreciation giving your spa associates a to reinforce the positive behavior or effort that we high five and saying ‘good witness or are made aware of, but most of the job.’ Rather, effective time as leaders we don’t deliver this recognition appreciation is about being until our monthly one-on- one or quarterly timely, specific and conversations. This makes the reinforcement less effective because, honestly, how many of us meaningful.” can remember exactly what we did a month ago? The general guideline i coach leaders to use is that within 48 hours you should acknowledge the positive behavior or effort you want to reinforce. Be on the lookout for spa associates doing things right, then share that insight with them within 48 hours. MAY ■ PULSE 2019 49