Pulse May 2019 - Page 48

conversations With vivienne o’keffe continued “When you're really pressured, it can be very challenging to value mental wellness or be mentally well yourself...” job because we’re orchestrating an experience, and caring for people during very joyful and very sad times. That can weigh on a therapist and contribute negatively to their mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing, which negatively affects clients and guests—if we’re not well and whole ourselves, we’re unable to facilitate and be there totally for somebody. There can also be intense pressure in the spa industry to increase revenue, to increase roi. When you’re really pressured—when you have a hotel manager or owner telling you to increase the return and maximize the investment—it can be very challenging to value mental wellness or be mentally well yourself if you don’t have a strong support network. 46 PULSE ■ MAY 2019 P: What’s the larger significance? Why is now the right time to focus on mental health? o: roughly a billion people suffer from anxiety worldwide. one in four people experience mental disorders. The spa industry is no different. But the brain is able to continually grow—it’s called neuroplasticity—and we can all adapt our minds in ways that are conducive to mental wellness if we start now. With this new under- standing, awareness, knowledge and practice of self-directed neuroplasticity and continual development, we can achieve mental and overall wellness.