Pulse May 2019 - Page 26

memBer PersPectives By J a m i s o n s to i k e event excellence Spa Events Drive Business tallgrass aveda spa & salon hosts an annual holiday open house in collaboration with its vendors. Whether it’s a Week-long Wellness retreat, a seminar for guests or a holiday-themed open house, a special event can be a boon to any spa’s bottom line, employee engagement, brand image and community awareness. While day-to-day services and retail sales are a spa’s engine for success, a well-timed and organized event can be a catalyst, infusing an extra dose of cash and boosting revenue long after the event ends. Spas who want to organize unique, memorable and profitable events often find willing allies in their vendors, too. 24 PULSE ■ MAY 2019 This month, Pulse spoke with three iSPa member spas about the special events that they hold and how they ensure a successful event. Broaden your event horizon ideas for events can come from many places, but the most common source of inspiration is the calendar itself. The Biltmore Spa at the Biltmore hotel in miami, florida, frequently bases its events around holidays and days of note, such as Earth Day. for this year’s event, the spa hosted an aura painting with a local jeweler and healing