Pulse May 2019 - Page 20

Pulse Points and experience were invaluable to the business. collectively, clever marketing, promotions and caution around labor costs allowed spas to make their businesses more profitable and stimulate demand when the whole economy was suffering. Time, however, is also a great healer, and the economy’s gradual recovery undoubtedly became the main fuel driving the industry’s growth as consumers’ levels of disposable income increased. nevertheless, to quote the artist Vincent Van Gogh, “great things are done by a series of small things brought together,” and the innovative and creative approaches of many spa directors and managers during the crisis unquestionably helped quicken its recovery while still keeping in mind the needs of the clients they serve. n AverAge PrIce Per ServIce $91 $95 $85 $67 $42 Per mASSAge 18 PULSE ■ MAY 2019 Per fAcIAl Per BodY treAtment Per hAIr ServIce Per nAIl ServIce