Pulse May 2019 - Page 18

Pulse Points By russell donaldson recovering after the Great recession last month, we saw how the spa industry suffered during the Great recession of the late 2000s and how it resiliently overcame it to experience strong levels of growth in the following years. To do so, spas had to work harder to promote their businesses and stimulate demand for the services they offer in the immediate aftermath of the recession. how they did that will be a valuable insight for today’s leaders to keep in mind should the industry face another period of economic upheaval. 16 PULSE ■ MAY 2019 attracting and retaining clients was unsurprisingly the industry’s foremost challenge during the recession. People had less disposable income and spent their earnings more carefully. it follows that spas had to maintain, or even enhance, the attractiveness of their offerings. iSPa’s consumer Snapshot initiative consistently shows that the primary reason people visit spas is to help combat stress. for many, the recession was a particularly stressful time, so intelligent marketing allowed many spas to take