Pulse May 2019 issue - Page 5

Pulse Intelligence: how to set up NHS 111 direct booking Page 45 In brief 5 GPs are to be required to submit photos of possible skin cancer, which will determine whether the patient is referred. CCGs in the North East of England said it was a response to 150 referrals a week for urgent dermatology appointments, most of whom do not have cancer. The GMC is to roll out changes to handling one-off mistakes by GPs and other doctors, after a pilot found full investigations were not needed in 65% of cases. The changes involve gathering information – such as input from independent experts – soon after a complaint is made. The GMC has also launched a pilot to provide doctors with the ‘skills and confidence’ to tackle unprofessional behaviour from colleagues. It is in response to reports that such behaviour by some staff was having a direct impact on patients. GPs will need to participate in peer-review meetings within their primary care network, as part of the new QOF quality improvement domain. It will include two areas that change annually; this year’s are safe prescribing and end-of-life care. GPs who took up the MDU’s ‘half-price’ indemnity offer do not need run-off cover as long as they remain a member until they retire. The MDU clarified the issue ahead of the introduction of the new NHS GP indemnity scheme on 1 April. Sign up for daily or weekly news updates at pulsetoday.co.uk/emails OPEN SURGERY by FRAN minister. The WEP is furious that the health secretary has blamed falling cervical screening uptake on women being shy rather than cuts to sexual health services. The party pledged to bombard the Matt Hancock app with images of a violet that resembles female genitals – even he should get the message. Latin practice GPs have long complained about errors and ommissions in specialists’ letters, but GP Twitter user @DrMikeThe2nd posted a response containing a postscript that surgically dissected his grasp of Latin. Following a mistake in the referral letter concerning the plural of ‘calculus’, the consultant offered an impromtu lesson on first- and second-declension Latin nouns, leading the GP to exclaim ‘I never want medicine to be any less amazing than this.’ Male GPs earn 33% more than their female counterparts, according to a review of the gender pay gap in the NHS. It found the gap is ‘far higher than the average in medicine’. The research involved analysis of anonymised pay data, interviews with medics, and an online survey of 40,000 doctors. The BMA is launching an urgent investigation into sexist behaviour after two GP Committee members raised concerns. Council chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul pledged ‘decisive action to make positive changes’ after concerns from Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer and Dr Zoe Norris. A law allowing the health secretary to suspend rights to I never want medicine to be any less amazing than this NHS pensions benefits to members convicted of an offence could be extended to include those accused of a crime. The BMA said it ‘risks subjecting innocent members to hardship’. ONLINE Catch up with all the latest news at pulsetoday.co.uk/ news Pulse May 2019