Pulse May 2018 - Page 65

THIS MONTH’S QUESTION: SOUND OFF DO YOU EVER WONDER how your peers would handle a situation? Maybe you’re curious what other leaders in the spa industry have to say on a certain subject. In sound-Off, we ask ISPA members from differing backgrounds, countries and companies the same question and see how their answers compare. “How do you incentivize selling among your team members?” GUSTAVO F. GAFFREY KATE MEARNS LISA HILLS CHRISTINA CABRERA CeO Spa & Health Centers Consultants Principal LIVunLtd. spa Director The Spa at Westin Mission Hills BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA SURRY, VIRGINIA Director of Retail & Guest Relations G20 Spa + Salon RANCHO MIRAGE, CALIFORNIA BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS first, i ask employees to put all their creativity and personal imprint into the sales action and into their relationships with customers and client prospects. Second, i conduct periodic evaluations and brainstorm how each employee can individually raise their bar. Third, i take the time to celebrate each achievement, however minimal, along with the entire team. i’ve found the best way to promote sales is through education and support. Staff (therapists and front desk teams) must have a strong product knowledge to talk about the products. i am of the old school where i believe that staff wants to actually help and influence the guest for the guest’s best interest. at an average of 10 percent commission on products, only the estheticians seem to make enough money to notice a difference on their paychecks. Staff sees more value in free products, education, engagement and accolades. We offer for a percentage of all staff’s retail sales to be placed in an education fund. education can be expensive but essential to remain current and motivated, so our team can use this fund as a sort of savings plan to build up the money needed to use towards education or tools needed to perform their jobs. We have monthly and quarterly incentives for our team members. We have a dollar amount goal set for receptionists and estheticians and a separate lower goal for massage therapists, hair stylists and nail technicians. any associate who meets the monthly goal earns a payroll incentive. There is a higher goal as well that any associate who meets or exceeds will earn a paid day off. We recognize the top performers in our monthly department meetings and allow them to choose products from our prize box. our incentive programs have increased our average check year-over-year by 15 percent. n KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR INBOX for the next ISPA Snapshot Survey, where you can answer upcoming Sound off questions for the chance to be featured here. May 2018 ■ PULSE 63