Pulse May 2018 - Page 49

of them! But I will tell you, if you are watching. If I sleep through the whole event, won’t my service provider still know when my skin responds well to a product? Won’t they see the effects even if I am purring away happily? If I am just peaceful and not asleep, I may give away even more clues: a smile to a certain scent or a flinch to an acidic reaction. Don’t Stop Before the Finish Line When I walk out, and I’m handed the card with all my products listed (and I can’t tell you how many times I have not been given this card), make sure to point out the ones that I seemed most interested in. You will know I am inter- ested if you are actively engaged in listening to and watching me. I will give away the signs if you are paying attention. In the end, if I’m met with my glass of water or hot tea and simply handed the card of products, this passive gesture will cost sales. I have been given no reason to buy. Instead, while handing it to me, don’t let go at first. Draw me in so we hold it together, our attention on the list. Literally point out one or two things that I responded well too. “Michael, I used a number of products on your skin, and I want to make sure you have a complete list to refer to, but I want to point two things out. First, your eyes simply drank up this cream. They looked brighter almost immediately. Second, I know you told me your skin was looking a little ruddy before we started. I used this Vitamin C serum and when you look in the mirror I think you will be very pleased.” These are non-invasive remarks but tied exactly to me. I will listen and likely buy these two products at the very least. Remember: I am not buying a product, I am buying a solution. Putting It All Together At a spa recently, I met my match. You see, if there is anything I like more than a great spa treatment, it is an example of sales mastery. My esthetician was a master at educating me, finding my needs and engaging me with a desire to leave with a solution. Then she did the most important thing of all. She asked me to buy. I left with over $400 in product. Each drop of serum pleases me, and each dab of eye cream makes me smile with the memory. I couldn’t be prouder of her. She empowered me as a customer and made the sale, simply by asking. n There are a few interesting takes on the role of retail in the spa workforce. Check out the Spa Workforce Study full report at experienceispa.com/research to get further insight into what spa employees think of this vital aspect of spa revenue. May 2018 ■ PULSE 47