Pulse May 2018 - Page 47

My definition of a great facial is when I fall asleep. Once I make it past the torture of the pore extractions, I settle in to a peaceful, meditative state. If I have to ask if I was purring (because, of course, I don’t snore), then it was an exceptional experience. I very rarely buy any products after a facial. Why you may ask? Is it because I am cheap? Because I already have too many products (ok, that may be true). Because I don’t believe in the esthetician? Nope. It’s because I wasn’t asked. I realize there is a fine line between sales and a spa experience, but if a service provider shies away from asking me to make a purchase, the answer will always be no. So, how do you encourage your service providers to sell me a product? How do they find time between my snoring (oops, purring) and my relaxation to ask me to make a purchase? Be AWARE of Me A great therapist finds the mood of the client, knowing whether he or she wants to talk, engage or simply experience total silence. It’s called reading the room. But if your employees value the fiscal health of the spa as much Do your as they value giving me an employees need help with the art amazing guest experience, of the upsell? then be assured they can Click here to print a PDF absolutely achieve both. version of this article to give to every one of your The secret is in being fully staff members. aware of the client, looking not for how they can sell a product, but how they can match the client with what he or she needs. You are matching my needs with your solution. “Michael, what kind of experience do you enjoy most during your facial? Do you appreciate complete quiet and peace, or would you like to know a bit about what I am doing through the process?” What if I was asked these questions while walking back to the treatment room instead of how my day is going? My day is going GREAT! I am at the spa! Instead, these probing questions would both get my attention and allow me to tell my therapist directly what it is that I need. No mind reading necessary. Based on my answer, the therapist also has two ways to sell me product. If I am someone who likes to chat (or simply can’t stay quiet for an hour), I will make their job easy. With every application, I can be sold to by simply describing the product and how it will help me. Watch and listen for my reactions and engage me with questions. “How does that feel as it settles on your skin?” We all know that an open-ended question is better than a closed question (or one requiring only a yes or no answer), but most of us don’t practice the best questions to ask. A service provider can even insult (maybe critique is a May 2018 ■ PULSE 45