Pulse May 2018 - Page 43

You’re in luck, we’ve found some fool-proof ways to hack your retail space, so it does some of the selling for you. 1. CONSIDER COLORS Color plays a major role in luring a would-be customer into your store. It also has the power to evoke strong emotions and influence the way your product is perceived. Our brains — being hyper visual — attribute certain emotions to specific colors. Blue and green are considered calming colors. Also, research suggests people are more likely to recall a color over an object or product. So make sure the colors in your space are on vibe with the rest of your spa for a clean and seamless look. 2. BACKGROUNDS Using a subtle backdrop can help keep your customer’s attention on the products you’re looking to sell. There’s a reason many retailers opt for solid- colored backgrounds (particularly white or black): Your products really pop in this scenario. 3. FOCUS ON YOUR AMBIANCE Make what limited space you have as cozy and comfortable as possible. Create splashes of color with floral arrangements and other decorative touches to brighten up your space and invest in some high-quality art for the walls. Consider consulting with an interior decorator about how to create a place that customers will want to return to, despite its lack of square footage. 4. CHANGE YOUR DISPLAYS REGULARLY It’s important to always keep things fresh in your retail space, even if the merchandise isn’t. A new arrangement or display can grab the interest of even your most loyal customers. Holidays are a great excuse to switch things up, but make sure you update right after the holiday is over. There’s nothing more depressing than a Valentine’s display on February 15. ISPA MEMBER TIP! 5. CREATE CUSTOMER INTERACTION POINTS The first step we take in drawing clients to our retail products is appealing to all their senses – products are taken out of their boxes and arranged in interesting ways that invite the client to try the product through sight, feel and smell. We also place testers strategically throughout the spa. For example, before clients enter our steam room, we have started instructing them on how to use our complimentary body scrub and body lotion. This simple move has led to increased sales in these products considerably. 6. START CLOSEST TO THE DOOR Start with the display area closest to the front door and put your newest and most expensive items in the spotlight. Be sure to have several levels of height and enough products so that the customer can pick up and touch without having to totally dismantle your display. 7. TAG IT It sounds so simple, but it makes such a difference. Make sure all of your stock is priced. Have you ever been to a store and loved something and couldn’t find the price anywhere? Instead of asking an associate, you usually just say forget it and move on. That’s exactly what your customers will do! No one wants to have to ask how much something is, so make sure absolutely everything has a price tag on it. Alessandra Newsom Spa Director The Spa at Lago Mar Beach Resort and club, Fort Lauderdale, Florida May 2018 ■ PULSE 41