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FROM YOUR CHAIRMAN 2018 ISPA BOARD OF DIRECTORS I LOVE RESEARCH AND DATA…I’M A NUMBERS GUY! I found it quite interesting the new ISPA Spa Workforce Study found that over half our service providers don’t think it is their job to sell retail, but 90 percent of our managers do think it is the service provider’s job to sell retail. That’s a significant gap! It seems we have a bit of an expectations problem when it comes to selling retail in our spas. ELECTED OFFICERS CHAIRMAN Garrett Mersberger Kohler Co. VICE CHAIRMAN Todd Hewitt Shangri-La International ACTING SECRETARY/TREASURER Todd Shaw Technogym I’m confident most of us see and feel this gap every day. We can all think of a few of our employees who are reluctant to sell retail. Whether it’s because they are on commission, so they don’t think they are being paid to spend their time selling, or because they don’t feel comfortable putting themselves out there to clients, we have to encourage and empower our staff “It seems we have a bit of an expectations problem when it comes to selling retail in our spas.” to jump on the retail train. One of the most effective ways we’ve found to accom- plish this is through peer encouragement. At Kohler, we’ve asked our retail rockstars—those who have killed it selling retail—to step up at staff meetings and explain how they’ve DIRECTORS Sharilyn Abbajay ISPA Foundation Vice Chairman Noel Asmar Noel Asmar Group, Inc. Damien Craft Four Seasons Westlake Village Scott Duncan Spa Gregorie’s Brennan Evans Trilogy Spa Holdings Blake Feeney Living Earth Crafts Kelleye Heydan The Edgewater Resort & Spa been able to increase their paychecks from selling retail and Patrick Huey Montage Hotels & Resorts even share what has worked for them. The message seems Kristine Huffman Hutchinson Consulting to resonate a bit more coming from a peer rather than a manager. We also try to get staff out of the breakroom and into the retail boutique. Guests look at our therapists and estheticians as the experts. It’s like when a doctor gives you a prescription, you believe and trust his advice because he’s the one who went to medical school and lives and breathes medicine. Our clients feel the same way about their service providers—they live and breathe spa, which makes them more equipped than anyone to Laura Parsons ESPA International (US) Ltd. (Spa Division) Frank Pitsikalis ISPA Foundation Chairman Eric Stephenson Elements Massage Michael Tompkins Immediate Past Chair Robert Vance Sensei Retreats Lana'i Lynne McNees International SPA Association sell retail products to a client. That confidence to sell comes from knowledge and education. Our employees crave the information they need to be successful, we just need to give it to them. We try to bring at least MEDICAL ADVISOR Brent A. Bauer, MD Mayo Clinic one resource partner into our spas a month for education. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about retail in the spa world, it’s that if the team isn’t behind the product you’re selling, they won’t sell it. If they don’t believe in the product, there’s no way the customer will. Taking advantage of the assistance your resource partners provide—like education and incentives for CHAIRMEN’S COUNCIL Past ISPA Chairmen who are current members: Gayle Brady • Brady Spa Consulting your staff—are the perfect place to start. Ella Kent • The Spa at Sea Island This issue of Pulse is full of advice for making retail sales a natural part of your employees’ routines, so feel free to pass around this issue or share the digital version. Remember, knowledge Jeff Kohl • Spa & Club Ideations Jean Kolb • Well By Choice John Korpi • Korpi & Korpi is confidence and confidence makes sales. Kate Mearns • LIVunLtd Jim Root • Mii amo —GARRETT MERSBERGER, CHAIRMAN 2 PULSE ■ May 2018 Jane Segerberg • Segerberg Spa Consulting, LLC Deborah Waldvogel • ResortSuite