Pulse May 2018 - Page 28

MEMBER PERSPECTIVES BY KELLY HEITZ RETAIL RocK STARS: Member strategies for sales success ales. Why does it cause some employees to be overwhelmed by anxiety? Success in sales— whether you’re selling treatments or retail—can be a challenge for many in the spa industry, but it doesn’t have to be. Tackling sales, like many challenges we face, is all about perspective. There are a few retail rock stars in our midst who have faced the challenge head-on and consistently come out on top. There are managers who have found the secret formula to getting therapists to sell retail with a smile on their faces, who record their numbers each month with a smile because they have exceeded even their own expectations, and even ones who don’t lay awake at night, haunted by the cha-ching of their retail boutique’s cash register. Who are these unicorns and what are they doing to ensure their spa’s sales success? Luckily, ISPA is a place for sharing and community. It’s a place to lift each other up and help when problems arise. Rising tides truly do raise all ships and, in this month’s Member Perspectives, these retail renegades are dishing the tactics they’ve used to motivate their teams and the strategies that help close sales. S people and can change from day-to-day, but there are usually one (or two) dominant motivating factors that drives a person. If you can key into the factors for each of your staff members, you’ve got a foundation for creating a motivation strategy that will benefit everyone. One of the major motivating factors for humans is money— or the things money can buy (think valuable prizes). That’s not to say everyone is motivated by the Benjamins, but many successful sales leaders have found that using some sort of monetary reward for sales, will light a fire under those who are reluctant. “Our spa has a large open retail area and we carry many lines, so keeping our staff motivated, trained and focused to sell Finding the Right Motivation Not only is everyone on a team different, but they also all have different motivations. Individual motivations vary between With such a large retail space, Grand Spa in Dallas, Texas, is able to diversify their inventory and create a focused area for retail sales. 26 PULSE ■ May 2018