Pulse May 2018 - Page 27

MEMBER UPDATES 1. The Las vegas Spa Association named deeba Haq from the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino the 2017 Spa director of the year for her leadership and tireless efforts during the challenging year. 1 2. Body Bliss has partnered with Mala and Mantra on a new Mindful Meditation Kit, which is the perfect way to start on a meditation practice. 3. Trump Soho in new york city is now operating under a new 2 3 name: The Dominick. 4. Moroccanoil Artistic director Kevin Hughes created natural and feminine hair styles for veronica Beard’s Fall/Winter 2018 Presentation at new york Fashion Week. 5. The Omni Barton Creek Resort in Austin, Texas, will be closed to guests for a year starting on April 30 as the hotel undergoes a $150 million renovation. The hotel is working to relocate employees to other omni properties during the closing. 6. Mandarin Oriental has started its own loyalty program called Fans of Mo. Members will receive early check-in, late check- out, c ƖVF''&Vf7BFr"77&VFG2&ЧWw&FW2B&R@P`r6F&'26F766W6WGG22VV@gVǒ7W7F֗&R77VFW2f"wVW7G2FB6VFR766W&vRFgVvVW72WW&V6RF&VBFV6wVW7Bptdr$4FR7B%B7G&VWB'BfW7FfЧ&BWfVB6v66RFB'&w0v&VW72FFR66V6֖2@&6FfFR7BV2֗76W&v0&V6v旦VBF2V"BFR#Pv&f'V2FFvV&v&6#b#7B%Bv2&v旦VB'7B56"֖6VrF2WF6667VFr76&VB'6WfW&V&W'2bFR76VG@fVGW&VB56fW&V6RbW&W6VFW'27F"7v&6&B&6BFRWW"g&VgC62Ɩ6&6&B&67F"7v7&r7v֖6VF2B6VRFW'6#)jT4P#