Pulse May 2018 - Page 53

more emotional level? What can you do to enhance what your customers feel when they use your services? 3. EMPOWER EMPLOYEES Employees have more collective face-to- face time with guests than an owner or manager could ever hope to have. They play a huge role in the implementation of a great CX program and should be allowed to showcase their individuality and decision-making. Do employees need to follow certain organizational protocols? Yes, of course. But outside of a certain set of standard procedures, consider giving staff the freedom to showcase their individuality. After all, the personal connection is what drives experiences. I recently read of a company that gives its employees a “customer experience budget” to use to serve guests. Employees at this company can use this budget as they wish, with the goal of creating unexpected great moments for their customers. Talk about a great way to connect with customers! As a means of creating something truly unique and not easily duplicated, employees are your greatest resource. When employees are encouraged to use their personality and insights (rather than ignore them in the name of brand consistency), the results can be meaningful and lasting. 3 Tips for Empowering Employees 1. Reward Self-Improvement Budget dollars and time toward management and personal development training. help employees set a plan for growth and reward them as they advance. They’ll be grateful and apply their newly-learned skills as they step up to leadership opportunities. 2. Demonstrate Your Trust a great way to empower your employees is to show them you trust them. you hired them to do a job, and you trust them to be able to do it. let your employees know the end goal and allow them the freedom and flexibility to get there. They might not do everything exactly as you would have, but they will get the job done with their own flair and feel better about the result. 3. Inspire Creative Thinking Just because you have been doing something one way for years, does not mean that’s the best way to accomplish it. There are always new and innovative ideas, and better ways to do things. use the minds around you and encourage employees to come up with creative solutions. putting the challenge and responsibility in their hands empowers them to get the job done and may improve processes along the way! May 2018 ■ PULSE 51