Pulse May 2017 - Page 8

FOLLOW US ON TWITTER! @ISpaDoYou LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! International SPA Association “This goodbye is more than a year in the making.” WHEN MY FAMILY RELOCATED to Florida in December 2015, I first said my goodbye to the ISPA team. It was a bittersweet moment—after all, how do you pack up almost seven years of your life? Where in your heart do you stash friend- ships, stories and moments with ISPA and Pulse? It was a difficult decision, so much so that when I was told “You can’t resign yet,” I agreed to stay on to help find and train a new person to fill these shoes. More than a year later, as I stand here eager for my next adventure, I can’t help but look back at my favorite moments in our journey together with Pulse. Who could forget our featured interviews with high-profile experts or in-depth features on spa trends, marketing pitfalls and consumer behavior? Too many to mention, too little space. While I may be the captain who steered this ship for almost seven years, the magazine would have never sailed far without the team who helped man the oars and, most especially, you, our readers, who graciously shared your time and expertise to be a source in Pulse. You make the magazine relevant through the insights you share, valuable through the resources you provide and visible through your eagerness to share on social media. You are part of the reason why, in the years I have served at its helm, Pulse magazine won its first-ever and three consecutive APEX Awards for Publication Excellence. I am proud of this milestone for it speaks greatly of our team effort to elevate the magazine to new heights. These are moments that would stay with me. I celebrate every little win, because it reminds me of my intention and purpose for doing what I do. And for that, THANK YOU. While I no longer serve as the editor of Pulse, I will continue to help spread the message of wellness in every way I can. I would love to nurture our friendship, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me on social media. The truth of the matter is, this is not really goodbye, but more of “See you again here soon!” —MAE MAÑACAP-JOHNSON, SENIOR EDITOR @ISPAPULSEEDITOR As I pass on the torch to Kelly Heitz, I am confident she will make a great editor and addition to the ISPA team. Get to know your new editor! Send her a welcome note at kelly.heitz@ispastaff.com or follow her editorial escapades on Instagram @PulseEditor. 6 PULSE ■ May 2017