Pulse May 2017 - Page 42

through exercise or sports programs,” says Raizelah Bayen, training director and massage therapist supervisor at Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary in Freestone, California. “It is important that spas offer fitness and sports-related services to address sore muscles, limitation in joint mobility or depleted energy levels.” Dickinson continues by noting that “athletes are a rapidly growing segment of the market. What was once a classification reserved for the young alpha male is now applicable to a broader audience, thanks to the Tribe Fitness Movement lead by SoulCycle, CrossFit and the like. The soccer mom that was once your loyal Monday manicure client is now training for a ToughMudder. We need to stay agile in our offerings to meet the changing lifestyles of our clients.” Lynda Solien-Wolfe, vice president of massage and spa at Performance Health agrees. “Athletes and active adults in general are eagerly investing in services and products that support their health and wellness goals. They’ve become more aware of the benefits of sports massage and other fitness treat- ments, and they want access to those services, whether they’re on the road or close to home. When you offer these specialty Sometimes all an athlete needs is a good soak. The atmosphere at Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa offers the perfect place to wind down after a workout. treatments, you have a broader appeal, which will expand your client base.” Reaching Out to Athletes As important as marketing to this segment of the population is, yo H۸&]YY\][H][\[\Y[H]\[K[HؘXH[XYH]HHX]Y[]]\YYۈ[\Y[K]8&\\HX]\وXX[]]\K'[\H] ]]\\H\[\X]\HX]Y[š]HXYH\X[\H[[Y[H\[[\\[\ܘ\H[YY8'H^\\XHܜK\X܈ق[]\H [ۈ[[[H[YK]YK8'HZ[š[X[X[H\[]\\Y[\BY[YX\Y\\[Y[HZ[[Y[Y[B'[\H] ]]\\B\[\X]\BX]Y[]HXYB\X[\H[[Yœ[H\[[\\[\ܘ\H[YY'B%TPHԔBHX\[ۈ\XH][]\H\X[H]ܜH]]\]\H]XYHY[\\]\HوZHZK SBX^H M