Pulse March / April 2018 - Page 72

tHis MoNtH’s QuEstioN: souNd off do you EvEr WoNdEr how your peers would handle a situation? Maybe you’re curious what other leaders in the spa industry have to say on a certain subject. In sound-Off, we ask ISPA members from differing backgrounds, countries and companies the same question and see how their answers compare. “How do you help your team members map their career trajectory within your organization?” bobbiE arsENault daNiEl PouliN aNgEla cortrigHt Paul HEsloP Nol MoNtalbo spa Director inn by the sea spa Director, spa & Fitness, North & Central America accor Hotels Principal spa gegorie’s Owner salt of the earth califorNia Woods cross, utaH Founder & CeO Montalbo Wellness corp. Proprietor Montsapo Enterprise We like to cross-train as much as possible. not only does allow team members to gain insight into other aspects of the business, but it also gives us backup talent when we are short- handed. often, the team member will pursue opportunities in other departments when they arise. Whenever we have an opening, we post it in-house first and whenever possible, promote from within. When we on-board a new hire, we always ask what their career goals are and share the advancement opportunities that might interest them. a goal of mine in helping my team map out their futures is to be constantly reverse engineering what motivates them. This doesn’t happen in an annual review or quarterly sit-down, but in the small moments through conversations, body language and day-to- day interactions that can make all the difference. it comes down to asking them up front what they want out of their job, and what is important to them when working for any employer. people are motivated in many different ways, and i am always trying to uncover what makes each individual employee tick. caPE ElizabEtH, MaiNE toroNto, caNada MaKati city, PHiliPPiNEs i ask about employee passions and goals, then frequently talk over options to achieve them. We have limited advancement oppor- tunities within our organization in the spa field, so we manage staff devel- opment by adjusting our current offerings or events, which helps them achieve a client base that suites those passions. for example, one massage therapist is a doula whose goal is to use her license to offer a start-to-finish pregnancy and birth program. We make sure she is booked to work with our pregnant clientele. paying attention to individual goals helps staff feel fulfilled and supports a healthy organization. 68 PULSE ■ at accorhotels, our career development program for all employees is very well structured and done at a hotel level primarily, with some additional programs offered at a corporate level. in my regional role looking after Spa, fitness and recreation in north and Central america, i work with a large team of wellness professionals, some with our company for many years, each with various goals and aspirations. as i am usually aware ahead of time when we have a new position opening at one of our existing properties or when we have new hotels coming into the pipeline, i often assist in presenting those opportunities to the members of my team who are looking for a career change or a promotion. March/April 2018 Creating a career map for my team is a challenge especially now where many options are available for everyone. Since most of them are in their 20s, they are looking for adventure and purpose in what they are doing. as their leader, i always project the future to them and emphasize their significance in achieving every step of our goal, that is, to bring hilot (traditional filipino massage) to the world. i also do my best to be their inspiration; for them to see their future self in me. By having clear destinations, their career path becomes clear too. n WaNt to souNd off? Keep an eye out for the next Snapshot Survey for next month’s Sound-off question!