Pulse March / April 2018 - Page 70

asK tHE ExPErt drE baldWiN by KElly HEitz Sometimes all it takes is hard work and a lot of discipline. Former professional basketball player and 2017 ISPA conference & Expo speaker, dre baldwin, is a living, breathing testament to that fact. As an author and speaker, Baldwin travels the country working with everyone from aspiring athletes to business leaders to provide direction and guidance for accomplishing their dreams. In this month’s Ask the Expert, we asked Baldwin about how basketball got him to where he is today and what it will take for spa leaders to aspire their own teams to greatness. Pulse: What did basketball teach you about discipline? basketball contract. My blind faith in discipline had paid off. Baldwin: I started playing basketball at age 14. And I sucked. That’s how I know discipline can work for anyone, anywhere. All the neighborhood players—older and younger, male and female—were better than me. Where I’m from in Philadelphia, P: Why do you think that kind of discipline is so hard to if you were a bum in basketball—garbage, as we’d say—they’d conjure today? let you know about it. B: These days, with many more possible distractions available Well, being new to the game, I didn’t expect to be good to us, the very traits—discipline, focus, sticking to the script immediately. I would come to the park and play every day, amongst the chaos, eschewing shortcuts—I discovered by like everyone else did, and improve over time. This logic accident are now at a premium. Finding people who share had one problem, though: the other players out these traits is an even more challenging task. there at the park were playing every day, too. How could I possibly catch up to, or even P: You talk a lot about defeating the third for more surpass them, if all I did was the same as day. What exactly does that mean? on dre, check what they did? I needed a better plan. B: If you’ve ever taken an exercise “vacation” out his blog and I started going to the court in the and returned to the gym, you’ve been face to several ebooks at morning and early afternoon, when no one face with the third day. On day one, you’re dreallday.com. else was there. I started practicing twice as excited, albeit maybe a little nervous. You much and twice as hard as every other kid. haven’t done his in a while, but it’s a new, positive Now, this is 1996—there were no YouTube videos, activity you’re happy to add to your life. You lace up Instagram stories or blog posts telling me that this show- those brand-new gym shoes, fill up that brand-new water up-more-often strategy would work. This was just a bottle and get to it. 14-year-old kid trying to get good at basketball. I didn’t know Your trainer seems friendly enough and the workout itself if this discipline would produce any type of results. kicks your butt, but the novelty of being back in workout Until it did. At age 23, I signed my first professional mode overpowers the fatigue you’re feeling. 66 PULSE ■ March/April 2018