Pulse March / April 2018 - Page 61

ResortSuite AN ACTIVE PASSION FOR THE INDUSTRY ResortSuite plays a very active role in the spa industry. Although ResortSuite creates software to manage much more than spas (rooms, memberships, golf clubs, ski areas, etc.), CEO Frank Pitsikalis has a passion for the spa industry and is a huge advocate for the rise of spa and wellness. He speaks regularly at spa industry events and is especially focused on increasing the use of yield management in spas across the world. resortsuite.com 1.866.4RSUITE MAKE MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS “Almost everyone in the spa industry is extremely passionate about what they do, shares common values with one another, and has an energy that is truly contagious. My advice is to get out there and make connections. Become part of a greater whole within the industry. The connections I have made through ISPA have been my greatest asset, both personally and professionally, and have become some of my best friends. They are some of the most motivating, encouraging and supportive people I know, and I am so grateful to be a part of this community, which is one of my keys to wellness!” — FRANK PITSILALIS Founder & CEO, ResortSuite Sorella Apothecary GOING MOBILE ResortSuite MOBILE has gone through a complete redesign over the past year. We have added a complete CMS (Content Management System) so that the property is in control of their own app and can make changes on the fly. The mobile app is specific to a property and allows guests who download it to not only view infor- mation about the property, but also book services, treatments, classes, lessons and so much more. GROWING STRONG Sorella launched a year ago and we came out with a bang! Our products are beautiful on the outside and powerful on the inside. Our luxe packaging looks amazing on spa shelves and truly sell themselves. We offer real results while building up and bringing balance and harmony back to the skin. We also pride ourselves on being a company that is ever-evolving to provide our partners with what they need to push their businesses further. sorellaapothecary.com 1.800.253.0450 IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUR NETWORK “This is a wonderful industry we work in, and I’m always amazed at the willingness of the spa world to work together! Network with others inside and outside your niche and find o