Pulse March / April 2018 - Page 60

Living Earth Crafts PASSION LEADS TO UNRIVALED SUCCESS Living Earth Crafts is synonymous with uncompromised comfort and luxury and undeniable value. LEC manufactures the highest quality spa equipment for the most exclusive spas in the world. For the last 45 years, Living Earth Crafts has been known for having continuous innovation, maintaining sustainable manufacturing standards, and unwavering commitment to making exceptional quality products—all supported by an awarded customer service team. livingearthcrafts.com 1.800.358.8292 THINK HARD ABOUT EVERY DECISION “Avoid making decisions to ‘change for the sake of change.’ It’s often better to let an original idea or process percolate and work through any hiccups. The nature of a new manager or supervisor is to put their own stamp on a project, process or idea. Quite literally every- thing in our spas can be improved, but sometimes it’s best to look at why those initial decisions were made and avoid making changes too soon. Rather than experience the turmoil associated with these kinds of changes, look at the processes and make sure you’re making a well-thought out and justified decision.” THE HIGHEST OF LOWS The Century City is one of LEC’s newest ADA compliant multipurpose spa treatment tables. Designed with an incredible height range of 19.5 inches to 35.5 inches, with 2.5 inches of Strata cushioning, Century City is fully loaded with leading edge operating features like wireless controls, integrated warming drawer, programmable LED lighting and soft close storing cabinets, which all have not seen before on low height range tables. — BRIAN PARIS Executive Vice President, Living Earth Crafts Naked Princess CREATING A LIFESTYLE Naked Princess isn’t just about offering quality and timeless products, our passion lies in how those products come together to create the ultimate boudoir experience. Naked Princess isn’t simply a brand, it’s a lifestyle. nakedprincess.com 1.310.271.1199 YOUR PRODUCT IS YOUR BRAND “Believe in your vision, believe in your products and know your customer. Those are the key building blocks for success. The most important piece of creating a successful brand is having a great product as your foundation. If you start with a solid foundation, you are built for success. The product is your bottom line, and that’s why I take great efforts to ensure that the quality of our product is always on point.” — JORDANA WOODLAND CEO, Founder & Director of Sales, Naked Princess UNCOMPLICATED BEAUTY Unlike other glosses on the market, Ultra Shine Lip Gloss is a truly non-tacky, illuminating formula. We use a high content of luxurious butters and oils for ultimate hydration, while subtle color serves to only heighten the lumines- cence of its sparkle and shine. Another standout feature is our slanted acrylic applicator tip, which allows the gloss to “sit” on top of other products/colors to act as a magnifying shine layer to really enhance the overall look. SPECIAL P U L S E ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT