Pulse March / April 2018 - Page 59

Institute Esthederm WATER IS BEAUTY To protect your skin’s original beauty, we’ve developed a water that’s designed for it, and have harnessed the light of the sun. Our skin-friendly formulas that respect the skin’s integrity provide it with constant protection against ageing, optimize its cellular metabolism, and strengthen its ability to adapt and improve its resistance to environmental stressors. esthedern.us 1.514.270.3763 — PAULINE DEBARGE Marketing Manager, Institute Esthederm TAKING WATER TO THE NEXT LEVEL With a combination of three forms of highly purified hyaluronic acid, the Intensive Hyaluronic Serum is perfect for dehydrated, uncomfortable and tight skin. Hyaluronic is a patented formula, which can penetrate the epidermic layers of the skin and re-plump by saturating them with water. Skin is immediately and intensely moisturized: supple, radiant, comfortable. Wrinkles and fine lines are plumped from the inside. GOING BEYOND SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS Jax Wax Australia’s range of depilatory products are free from parabens, polymers and palm oil. All our products are also free from animal derived ingredients making them ideal for vegans. We proudly manufacture all our products in Australia using only the best ingredients and do not test on animals. As a company, we are conscious of the environment and ensure our production has no or minimal impact. Jax Wax Australia essentialmedtools.com 1.888.772.8665 ALWAYS LISTEN “It is such a fast- paced world we live in, and so many people are not getting the social interactions they once were. So, take the time to listen to your customers. If they are asking about a service you don’t provide, consider adding it. If they have problems with their skin, suggest products to help them. By listening to your customers, you will build a relationship with them, and they will have confidence in you and recommend you to others.” — TINA COPELAND Owner/Director, Essential Med Tools distributor of Jax Wax A PLEASANT WAXING EXPERIENCE FOR EVEN THE MOST SENSITIVE Jax Wax Australia’s Australian Wattle Hot/Hard Wax has been specifically formu- lated for fragile and mature skin, making it ideal for menopausal women or for people with sensitive skin. This wax is not stringy, can be applied at a lower temperature and is quick drying, which makes it perfect for hot, humid conditions. Our Australian Wattle Hard Wax has a pleasant fragrance, can be applied thinly and remains flexible, ensuring that the shortest and finest of hairs are removed the first time, every time. SPECIAL P U L S E ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT