Pulse March / April 2018 - Page 58

FarmHouse Fresh WORKING TO ENHANCE YOUR SPA’S EXPERIENCE FarmHouse Fresh helps your spa become a destination for delicious farm to treatment spa experiences. Your customers can dip into hundreds of mouthwatering facials, pedicures, manicures and body treatments, all crafted around delicious food and drinks, and using regional ingredients fresh-harvested from our farm and others across the U.S. With over 13 years serving the spa industry, our team works tirelessly to ensure your spa treatments set you apart in your region. farmhousefreshgoods.com 1.888.773.9626 DO WHAT YOU LOVE “Find a career that makes you excited to get up in the morning. There is so much enjoyment to be found in this industry that helps others find and create wellness.” — SHANNON MCLINDEN President & Founder, FarmHouse Fresh FARM TO FACE FOR A FRESH LOOK FarmHouse Fresh’s Vitamin Berry Facial Tonic says poof to your pores, combining a photo-filter effect with total refreshment using rose water and pristine extracts fresh-harvested from organic Oregon-grown aronia berries—a fruit with one of the highest antioxidant contents ever recorded. How fresh is your Vitamin Berry Facial Tonic? From harvest to extract in hours. How divine! HydroPeptide hydropeptide.com 1.800.932.9873 LOOK INSIDE YOURSELF “I feel an important habit to have as a leader is the ability to self- analyze. When things go wrong do you point the finger, or do you look at yourself? A true leader can accept responsibility for failure while simultane- ously inspiring the organization to do better.” — CHRIS PACHULIO Vice President, HydroPeptide EXPECTING NOTHING BUT THE BEST Our people and products embrace the highest levels of performance and integrity while creating clinical results and luxury experiences. Our no-downtime approach and award-winning formulations can be found in the most prestigious properties throughout the world. Letting scientific discovery dictate our future without letting go of our invaluable knowledge and past experience guarantees a flawless customer experience. By collaborating with the top minds in spa, wellness, dermatology and academic research, we ensure innovation never ceases. TAKING COLLAGEN TO THE NEXT LEVEL HydroPeptide Nimni Day Cream is a retinol-free formula that incorporates environmental protectors and a patented collagen support complex that was developed by the doctor that, “wrote the book on collagen,” Dr. Marcel Nimni. While many creams try to nourish skin and signal for healthy collagen production, Nimni Day Cream takes it a step further by incorporating a patented amino acid blend that comprises the vital materials that make up healthy collagen. SPECIAL P U L S E ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT