Pulse March / April 2018 - Page 54

IT’S A PIeCe of CAke! (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 48) Today, the “big C” in business is Collaboration, sometimes called “social learning.” It simply means employees learning from one another. Practitioners say that with the guidance of managers, it’s a pragmatic and pleasant way to convey infor- mation and knowledge. So, encouraging your employees to learn from each other, will allow employees from different generations to feel more connected. 4. Recognize generational needs. Workers with children may value a flexible schedule, but so may those who are responsible for aged parents. Moms and dads who want to attend kids’ school events may appreciate flexibility, so let them make up the time in another way. Workers nearing retirement may want to reduce their hours, understanding it will reduce their pay but not necessarily their input. Keep in Call meeting only when mind: what works for them works for you, paying off in needed. Formal meetings are a pain, so use increased staff morale. them only when they’re really necessary. Work-life balance is a buzzword we Instead, keep your communication regular by hear constantly, and it is becoming inviting staff members to suggest alternatives. People from all  increasingly important to millen- People from all generations need to believe nials, boomers and every generations need to  they’re being heard, that their comments believe they’re being heard, generation in between. matter, and that they’re making signif- To do any of these things icant contributions. Have the group offer that their comments matter, successfully, it’s wise to ways to do that successfully. educate yourself, hone your and that they’re making  Even if you cut our regular super- own interpersonal skills, and fluous meetings, you should still provide significant contributions.  constantly work on working regular feedback to your team—and allow Have the group offer  together. Let’s face it: working them to give you the same courtesy. This together is essential. All staff ways to do that  back and forth will demonstrate that members should understand that, leadership clearly values every staff member, successfully.  but it’s up to leaders to create a non- whatever their age or differences. That means judgmental environment that makes being conscious of constant change, not fearing it but sharing comfortable, no matter your ago or welcoming it. It means blending the best of your grand- experience level. father’s skills with today’s. By now you may be thinking, “Yes, but all these general stereotypes are so, well, general. Individuals are individuals, Offer edu-perks. Offering education with varying backgrounds and goals.” and training options is a very important benefit True enough. That’s why our metaphorical cake— to millennial workers, but it also keeps workers today’s workplace—requires training, determination, creativity from older generations more engaged and up-to-date on new and patience. Combining the talents and smarts of diverse processes and technologies. Providing educational opportu- workers may not be easy at first. Despite your best efforts, the nities also helps maintain an employee’s interest in the initial results may not be exactly what you hoped, and there company. may be more challenges as the years bring new generations. Make it a priority to continue to educate yourself as well. But what you gain may be a new perspective on your role and Updating skills is extremely important, and traditional views professionalism that brings even greater job satisfaction and of effective leadership are changing. When you continue to pride. Remember, even if the workplace is a piece of cake, hone your craft, your employees will be inspired to do success is not necessarily baked in. n the same for themselves. 2. 3. RITA B. CRAIG, CSP, SPHR-SHRM,  is an inspirational “people” person with 40 years of career achievements—HR executive, consultant, author, TEDx speaker, leadership coach—and she attributes much of her success to being raised in a bustling household with 10 siblings. She taps into her extensive global human resources experience to drive individual and organizational success. Rita is the recipient of many awards including a Lifetime Achievement Award for HR Excellence. Her company, Top Tier Leadership is focused on exceeding expectations and creating individual and organizational success that people talk about! 50 PULSE ■ March/April 2018