Pulse March / April 2018 - Page 42

all aboard the dream Job Express! How the Get Your Dream Job Campaign is Helping Real Students on the Track to Success by KElly HEitz The train is leaving the station, but the good new is, it is full of students who are on their way to making their dreams come true. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of ISPA, Beauty changes Lives and several more professional organizations in the spa, beauty, health and wellness industries, the Get your dream Job campaign is on track to elevate and celebrate careers in the beauty and wellness industries. The campaign is about more than creating awareness around the incredible opportunities our industry presents. It is also about giving real students the opportunity to follow their dreams. The campaign has partnered with American Association of cosmetology Schools (AAcS) to help prospective beauty and wellness students on the track to their dreams. Through the program, students can receive a $500 grant toward their tuition at a participating AAcS school. The campaign and scholarships are exciting, but until you see them in action, you can’t under- stand the tremendous effect they have on the students who truly need it. So, we caught up with a few of the grant winners to see how close they are to their dream destination. yvEttE boscH dEstiNatioN: owner of own wellness spa origiN: Bellus Academy, El cajon, california “If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working on it.” — MIcHAEL JoRdAn This Michael Jordan quote sits center stage on Yvette Bosch’s inspiration board, which keeps her motivated to constantly work towards her dream. Michael Jordan, one of the greatest and most inspirational basketball players of all time, knew a thing or two about working for it. That’s one of the reasons this quote rings so true to Bosch, a student at Bellus Academy and the 2017 Murad Esthetics Scholarship Winner. The Scholarship, which is awarded to students seeking careers in beauty and spa, is a large part of the Get Your 38 PULSE ■ March/April 2018 Dream Job campaign. Get Your Dream Job is not only about promoting the spa and beauty industry, but also about encourage students to choose careers that empower and inspire them. Following a job loss, Yvette resided in a transitional living center where a yoga class helped her realize that self-care is an integral part of a healthy life. Now a certified yoga instructor teaching children and seniors, Yvette aspires to help people look and feel better as an esthetics professional. Winning the scholarship and taking part in the campaign has allowed her the opportunity to pave the way to finding her dream job in the spa industry. We sat down with Bosch to find out what the schol- arship winnings meant to her and what her future in the spa world looks like.