Pulse March / April 2018 - Page 23

Here are a few key stats to help you make compensation decisions for your team: $48,100 Among U.S. spas employing estheticians on a full-time Straight hourly pay plus commission is the pay structure for 35 percent of estheticians in the U.S., while 31 percent of massage therapists receive this pay structure. 35% basis, the average salary was estimated at $48,100, ranging from $45,300 in day spas to $52,200 in resort/hotel spas. On average, 44 percent of massage therapists in the U.S. are paid on a straight commission pay structure, while 37 percent of estheticians receive the same structure of pay. 44% $45,300 Among U.S. spas employing massage therapists on a full-time basis, the annual compensation level was $45,300 across all spas. The average was higher in resort/hotel spas ($54,400) compared to day spas ($43,500).resort/hotel spas. 95% Tha When asked how they handle gratuities/ tips, almost all U.S. spas (95 percent) said they go directly to the service provider. TIP nk you ! In the U.S. the average commission percentage paid to estheti- cians is 38 percent. The percentage is higher when providers are compensated using straight commission of services rather than when commission is paid along with straight hourly pay. to viEW tHE ENtirE compensation Supplement, click here and log in to your account. March/April 2018 ■ PULSE 19