Pulse March / April 2018 - Page 15

LUXURY GEM WAX COLLECTION Satin Smooth® has paired the latest waxing technology with fi nely milled gemstones based on Chakra energy. Th e vitality, colors and aromas of these mineral-infused waxes will transform your salon or spa to create an unforgettable waxing experience that connects the Body, Mind and Spirit. Amethyst Crystal Wax Scented with aromatic lotus fl ower Golden Quartz Wax Scented with exotic sandalwood Silver Tourmaline Wax Scented with soothing rose oil facebook.com/SatinSmoothPRO @SatinSmoothPRO @SatinSmoothPRO ©2017 Professional Products Division. www.satinsmooth.com 17SS031084