Pulse March 2019 - Page 67

ISPA STAFF Proudly Serving ISPA and The ISPA Foundation VISION To be the leader in promoting and enhancing the well-being of the spa industry and the people it serves. MISSION iSpa advances the spa industry by providing invaluable educational and networking opportunities, promoting the value of the spa experience and speaking as the authoritative voice to foster professionalism and growth. GET TO KNOW THE STAFF n ThE TEam SharES ThEIr TIPS FOr WOrKING SmarT, BEING hEaLThy aND LIVING ThE SPa LIFE. THIS MONTH WE ASKED: Time for spring cleaning! What are you planning to tidy up this season? lynne mcnees • President lynne.mcnees@ispastaff.com • 1.859.226.4260 Amber Phillips • Account Executive amber.phillips@ispastaff.com • 1.859.226.4420 My monkey brain! My social media accounts, and negativity. crystal ducker • Vice President of Research & Communications crystal.ducker@ispastaff.com • 1.859.226.4427 Ashley roberts • Project Coordinator ashley.roberts@ispastaff.com • 1.859.219.3621 My closet! My son’s out-of-control LEGO collection. jennifer duckworth • Senior Director of Events jennifer.duckworth@ispastaff.com • 1.859.226.4254 tara Salah eldin • Project Coordinator tara.salaheldin@ispastaff.com • 1.859.219.3615 I’ll be tidying up my closet. As a hoarder of memories through possessions, I plan to tidy up my past. Amanda Adams • Events Manager amanda.adams@ispastaff.com • 1.859.226.4207 Samantha Smith • Project Manager samantha.smith@ispastaff.com • 1.859.219.3619 My entire house has gotten an overhaul before the baby comes. The overgrown plants in my backyard. megan Browning • Marketing Manager megan.browning@ispastaff.com • 1.859.219.3549 How I spend my time to focus more on what’s important to me and makes me happy. jamison Stoike • Managing Editor & Content Specialist jamison.stoike@ispastaff.com • 1.859.226.4354 My pawprint-covered car. marja walker • Graphic Designer marja.walker@ispastaff.com • 1.520.891.3439 eric callaghan • Digital Marketing Manager eric.callaghan@ispastaff.com • 1.859.963.1877 I’m excited to redo my home office. Our backyard, so we can entertain. jenny van wieren-Page • Account Executive jenny.page@ispastaff.com • 1.859.226.4372 nelson lane • Marketing Coordinator nelson.lane@ispastaff.com • 1.859.551.3906 The yard and barn. I look forward to spending time outside with our horses. My trunk! Allison martin • Media & Member Relations Manager allison.martin@ispastaff.com • 1.859.226.4334 olivia woodruff • Membership Specialist olivia.woodruff@ispastaff.com • 1.859.219.3512 Drawers. I need to donate things. Contacts on my phone. Andrea meehan • Membership Specialist andrea.meehan@ispastaff.com • 1.859.226.4292 Kirsten wright • Fulfillment Coordinator kirsten.wright@ispastaff.com • 1.859.687.7014 The whole house, with the windows open! My house—I’m on the “Tidying Up” bandwagon. march n PULSE 2019 65