Pulse March 2019 - Page 62

ISPA FOUNDATION FOUNDATION ISPA foundAtIon BoArd of dIrectorS offIcerS AT THE START OF THIS ISSUE of Pulse, iSPa chairman Garrett mersberger challenged you to participate in chAIrmAn frank Pitsikalis resortSuite the survey for the 2019 iSPa u.S. Spa industry Study, which closes on march 15. The annual survey began in 1999, when the international SPa association commissioned the inaugural u.S. Spa industry Study. at the time, the size of the spa industry was not truly known. in the 20 years since, the iSPa foundation has funded and supported the annual Study, which has consistently provided crucial insight into the health and scope of our industry. now we know that dIrectorS Garrett Mersberger iSPa chairman Scott Duncan iSPa Vice chairman Lynne McNees iSPa President u.S. spa revenue eclipsed $17.5 billion in 2017—more money than box offices, Broadway medIcAl AdvISor tickets and ski resorts combined. Brent Bauer, M.D. mayo clinic our industry has grown into one that touches the lives of tens of millions of people every year, and the iSPa foundation has grown alongside it. We now support a number of causes that contribute to the long-term health of our industry, including the iSPa foundation mary Tabacchi Scholarship. We’re not the only ones giving back either: organizations like the Global Wellness institute are doing incredible work to promote the growth of our industry, and i encourage you to lend them your support. Two decades later, the annual iSPa u.S. Spa industry Study is still the single largest honorArY BoArd memBerS Ruth Stricker The marsh, a center for Balance and fitness Deborah Szekely WELLnESS Warrior cause championed by the iSPa foundation. Through this research, we’re able to give back to thousands of iSPa members, providing them with invaluable insights into our industry, our consumers and our workforce. at the iSPa foundation, we hope you use those insights to inform your decision- The iSPa foundation wishes to thank the following supporters for their generous contributions: making, improve your business and create growth in the industry we all love so much. lumInArY in return, please consider participating in the survey, which can be found at ruth Stricker PwcSpaPerspectives.com. in spa as with all things in life, you get back what you put in. BenefActor Dr. howard murad PAtron red Door Spas resortSuite —FRANK PITSIKALIS, ISPA FOUNDATION CHAIRMAN 60 PULSE n march 2019