Pulse March 2019 - Page 58

frustrations and their fears, and help their people recover as well from challenging circumstances. l elevAte your energy: Did you know that you are a cEo? By that i mean a chief Energy officer. your level of negative or positive energy is transmittable to the people you lead. common leaders believe that they are immune from this principle and can do and act however they want. rarE leaders understand that they must first look inward, before looking outward, to ensure that they are modeling the behaviors, habits and mindsets that they want to see from the people they lead. as a spa manager or spa owner, you have the chance to create an environment for your spa associates that will refuel them, inspire them and motivate them to give 56 PULSE n march 2019 their best every day! Dare to be rarE and put these four habits into practice. Let’s explore the first habit: rediscovering your relationships. how to redIScover Your relAtIonShIPS in “Leadership and the new Science,” margaret Wheatley states that “the ‘basic building blocks’ of life are relation- ships.” That is no different for your spa. relationships are the heart of your business, and engaging relation- ships not only transform your spa’s social script, but also improve your profitability and productivity. according a 2017 Gallup article by Jim harter and annamarie mann, “happy and engaged employees outperform the compe-