Pulse March 2019 - Page 43

in today’s day and age, and with the significant number of allegations of harassment across the country and potential for reputational and other harm, spas are well-advised to employ different strategies to ensure that all employees and visitors experience a harassment-free experience anD know what to do to express any concerns. Have a Formal Policy have a formal, written policy available to employees—and possibly the public. Whether a member of the public or an employee on the spa’s staff, you want people to know what is expected. a written policy will also help to convey to your employees and the public that you are taking a stand to prevent harassment, discrimi- nation and retaliation. Some items to include in a policy are: l a description of the conduct (both sexual and non-sexual harassment) that your spa prohibits, including examples. a person should understand what is allowed and what is prohibited. l a description of the complaint procedures, including multiple avenues of reporting. if the concern involves a high-level member of the leadership team, you don’t want to discourage the report simply because the policy says that the complaint should be made to that person (or that person’s direct report). l a commitment to conduct a prompt, thorough and impartial investigation. l Protection against retaliation for employees who make complaints or who participate in good-faith in an investigation of a complaint. l a commitment to respond appro- priately based on the results of the investigation, including by using prompt and proportionate corrective action. l Disseminate the policy as widely and thoroughly as you can, both in writing and by discussing the policy (and its practical impact) at team meetings. in other words, remember: a policy is only worth the paper that it’s written on if you don’t use it, teach from it and follow it. Zero Tolerance make it clear to your employees and the public that your spa does not tolerate any form of discrimination, including harassment or relatiation. march n PULSE 2019 41