Pulse March 2019 - Page 42

THE HUMAN TOUCH BY ABBE M. GONCHARSKY Keeping it clean in the Spa: Preventing and Addressing Claims of Harassment and Retaliation PEacE. TraNqUILITy. hEaLING. Guests and therapists come to the spa for many reasons, but almost never with the idea that they may encounter harassment. yet spa experiences are often one-on-one, behind closed doors, and guests are not fully dressed during all treatments. This allows for a relaxing, restorative experience—or allows an individual (guest or employee) an opportunity to behave in a manner outside the expectations of the spa ownership and leadership. as a further complication, many spas do not have a designated human resource professional on staff. The business instead relies on the owner and/or office manager to oversee complaints of harassment and other employee relations issues, along with other day-to-day tasks. This has the potential to overwhelm the responsible party and lead to mistakes and omissions that could have been prevented or minimized if identified earlier. 40 PULSE n march 2019