Pulse March 2019 - Page 38

brand board on all your menu items helps give the guest brand continuity. a unified brand allows for a stronger distinction of your spa over your competition. When it comes to your brand, strive to be different, not better. you want your menu to stand out. you want your guests to understand how you are different than your competition, not just better. if you provide better service, better amenities, better staff, will you also provide better pricing? move the dialogue from better to different. how are you unique? how are your products, processes or people unique and different? 6. USE LAYOUT TO BOOST REVENUE over the years, i have seen many menu formats and i’ve learnt there is no one magic design or layout. however, there is data and research available to optimize layout which spa directors can incorporate into their menu design. most importantly, the menu must speak to the brand. it should be simple and easy to read. The typeset should be large enough to easily read and the ink dark enough to be distinguishable. The menu should give the guest the information needed to easily reserve an appointment—online booking info, reservation numbers, location on the property, etc. PrIcE aNchOrING SKIN CARE SERVICES SKIN CARE SERVICES CUSTOM FACIAL $100 SIGNATURE FACIAL $139 AROMA FACIAL $110 ANTI AGING FACIAL $129 PURIFYING FACIAL $115 VITAMIN FACIAL $124 VITAMIN FACIAL $120 PURIFYING FACIAL $119 ANTI AGING FACIAL $125 AROMA FACIAL $114 SIGNATURE FACIAL $135 CUSTOM FACIAL $104 In this example, the price of the Signature Facial in the right chart ($139) anchors the guest price expectation. This makes custom facial on the right seem like a good value, despite costing $4 more than in the left chart. in addition to the basic menu necessities, service placement within the menu helps influence guest selection. having sales and revenue data available, as mentioned in this story’s sidebar, will help you know what services you want to influence your guests to select; then, you can optimize the placement of those services within your menu. remember that guests initially scan the menu. When a guest picks up a menu, they quickly scan it, and the first item they see typically makes the most lasting impression. Therefore, the services which provide your spa the most revenue and are most popular should be placed on the menu in an area designed to attract attention. you can also call attention to a service by adding a “menu magnet,” such as a highlighted color or a box around the service, to “stop” the eye and force the focus on a particular service. Price anchoring is another powerful tool you can use. consumers tend to rely heavily on the first piece of infor- mation offered (the “anchor”) when making decisions. Therefore, the first price a guest sees sets their expec- tation. if the anchor price is high, there is a tendency to “Take the time to engage your staff when creating or updating a menu. after all, they have firsthand guest knowledge about your treatments.” 36 PULSE n march 2019