Pulse March 2019 - Page 37

“When it comes to your brand, strive to be different, not better. If you provide better service, better amenities, better staff, will you also provide better pricing? move the dialogue from better to different.” feedback to therapists. involving the staff in your menu development will ensure services are either continually improved to meet the expectations of the guest or left just the way they are. 5. REVISIT YOUR BRAND FILTER your spa menu must reflect your brand. it should be designed so a guest feels they are in your spa, enjoying the benefits of your services, your staff expertise, your products and your processes. your brand distinguishes your guests’ experiences from your rivals. it is what makes you different and unique. yet, it is easy to dilute your brand. Since spas rely heavily on the partnership with vendors, i am simply suggesting you work with the vendors to tailor the services to amplify your brand. Promoting a product or service that doesn’t support or compliment the brand can be jarring and disjointed to the guest. To help keep the focus on your brand, create a brand board. This is your brand template. it might include words, colors and feelings that you can refer to in your service descriptions, promotions, scripting, etc. using the mENU LayOUT TWO PANEL ONE PANEL AREA OF MOST ATTENTION AREA OF LEAST ATTENTION THREE PANEL MULTI PANEL march n PULSE 2019 35