Pulse March 2019 - Page 30

MEMBER PERSPECTIVES (cONTINUED FrOm PaGE 26) “We don’t expect perfection, but we do expect honesty and respect.” — LINDSEY SAPPENFIELD, Assistant Spa Director, The Don Cesar Resort Hotel have worked for the spa for well over a decade. “We have a culture that is totally devoted to our employees and the long-term health of the spa,” states Gloria ah Sam, director of spa and wellness. ah Sam attributes this strong, permanent company culture to three key factors: a culture of recognition, meaningful perks and effective communication. Every month, Kahala hotel and resort hosts a “Legendary Service Luncheon” for exemplary staff members in both the front and back of house. Staff members are nominated by other staff members or managers; then, the resort’s executive committee chooses the two winners, who are recognized at a “beautiful three-course luncheon” in one of the resort’s ballrooms. at the end of the year, all 24 winners are re- evaluated by the executive committee, which then choses the employee who most exemplified the spa’s culture of caring, dedication and cooperation. Last year, the overall winner was flown on a one-week trip to a sister property in Japan, says ah Sam. This type of recognition incen- tivizes employees to go above and beyond to serve customers; and, because a positive attitude is infectious, the entire staff is lifted up. The spa’s culture of good-natured giving is cemented by the frequent volunteer opportunities for staff, who participate in beach cleanups together. additionally, spa The Don Cesar Resort Hotel prioritizes hiring employees who fit with the established culture. 28 PULSE n march 2019