Pulse March 2019 - Page 28

MEMBER PERSPECTIVES “Feedback is a gift that can help your department run optimally, for the benefit of everyone involved.” — SUZY BORDEAUX-JOHLFS, Spa Director, Silverado Resort & Spa integrating contract workers into a unique company culture can be difficult, often leading to a culture clash with the rest of a spa’s staff. Bordeaux-Johlfs says that Silverado uses contracted massage therapists, but only after they’ve been given a two-hour orientation on the company’s policy and workplace culture. This helps ensure that all employees—whether full-time, part-time or contracted—contribute positively to the culture. in the end, Bordeaux-Johlfs strives to create a “count on me” culture that emphasizes respect, responsiveness and compassion. Through a combination of empirical data and heartfelt one-on-ones, this caring culture has led to consistently high customer reviews and employees who enjoy working at Silverado. “if you feel respected, trusted and valued, you will stay,” says Bordeaux-Johlfs. Silverado Resort & Spa's cafe. Permanence in Paradise The Kahala hotel and resort, located in honolulu, hawaii, has been around since 1964 and hosted every sitting united States President from Lyndon Johnson to Barack obama. The spa prides itself on the dedication and commitment of its staff, a great number of whom (cONTINUED ON PaGE 28) THREE KEYS TO A STRONG CULTURE: 26 PULSE n march 2019 1. LOOK FOR CULTURE FIT. The most foolproof way to ensure that everyone meshes with your spa’s culture? Only hire those who will be a fit from the very start. Try to get a feel for a job candidate during the interview. What is their attitude? are they outgoing or intro- verted? Do they seem passionate about spa? 2. RECOGNIZE SUCCESS. recognizing and celebrating exceptional employees is essential. Not only does this improve their morale and make them work harder, but it also makes those around them want to go above and beyond as well. 3. SEEK OUT AND FIX PROBLEMS. If someone is contributing negatively to your spa’s culture, talk to them about it. See if there’s anything that you can adjust to help bring them in line with the workplace culture and company values.