Pulse March 2019 - Page 26

MEMBER PERSPECTIVES BY J A M I S O N S TO I K E HIGH CULTURE Three Spas Whose Company Culture Stand Out Silverado Resort & Spa in Napa Valley takes a data-driven approach to its workplace culture. COMPANY CULTURE—IT’S THAT HARD-TO-DESCRIBE, all- important key to retaining spa talent and delivering an excellent experience to every customer. Beyond just perks and pay, a positive company culture is the modus operandi of your spa, the understood and expected pattern of behaviors and attitudes that permeate every interaction between employees, leadership and spa-goers. in essence, company culture is that “feel-good” feeling 24 PULSE n march 2019 that makes employees want to go above and beyond for you and for your customers. But developing and maintaining a strong, consistent company culture can be difficult, especially given the high turnover in our industry. This month, Pulse learned how three exemplary spas (from Silverado resort & Spa, The Kahala hotel and resort and The Don cesar resort hotel) create, maintain and take advantage of strong, unique workplace cultures.