Pulse June 2018 - Page 74

“Habits are like financial capital— forming one today is an investment that will automatically give out returns for years to come.” —SHAWn AcHoR THE IDEA OF “EXCEPTIONAL” SERVICE IS DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE. We might think an experience was wonderful, but the guy next to us might disagree. No matter how relative the idea of good service might be, we all know when we’ve experienced poor service—and we are probably more likely to acknowledge it. Think about it. Aren’t you more likely to say something when the waiter is M.I.A. rather than when they are attentive? Why is it we are more likely to share a bad experience over a good one? We should all take the time to recognize and appreciate exceptional service. If we all took the advice of Shawn Achor, 2018 ISPA Conference & Expo keynote, and practiced expressing random acts of kindness and gratitude, not only would we personally benefit by boosting our happiness levels, we’d help boost the happiness of others as well. Let’s join together and challenge ourselves to express gratitude each day. Thank our colleagues, our friends, our family—anyone who has done us a service by being there when we needed them. You never know when a small gesture of kindness like that will make someone’s day. The moment you express your thanks for the impact that person has had on your life, could be the exact moment they needed to hear it. It’s a simple service you can do to inject kindness and thoughtfulness into the world. So, next time you experience any form of great service, don’t just pay it forward—pay it backwards, sideways and all-around by saying thank you and Speaking of giving kindness, look what we found on Shawn Achor’s Twitter! He passed showing kindness. It’s the best way to bring service full-circle. this bag out at MacArthur School in Shaumburg, Illinois, to give the teachers a little boost and let them know how much they are appreciated. you can order the giving Bag at naturallife.com and start your own chain of kindness. So fun! —lyNNE McNEEs, isPa PrEsidENt 72 PULSE ■ June 2018 coNNEct WitH ME oN facEBooK! lynne Walker McNees