Pulse June 2018 - Page 69

THIS MONTH’S QUESTION: souNd off do you EvEr WoNdEr how your peers would handle a situation? Maybe you’re curious what other leaders in the spa industry have to say on a certain subject. In sound-Off, we ask ISPA members from differing backgrounds, countries and companies the same question and see how their answers compare. “What customer service advice do you have to help introverted staff members succeed?” stEvEN rosENfEld PaMEla MaEs roBErt vaNcE tiNa MorscHausEr President columbia skincare Assistant spa Director Mirbeau inn and spa Retreats Director sensei retreats lana’i Owner rejuvination spa BroNxvillE, NEW yorK sKaNEatElEs, NEW yorK laNa’i, HaWaii MadisoN, WiscoNsiN We usually provide other responsibilities for folks who are generally averse to inter- acting with the public. it is better to make sure a staff member is suitably qualified and comfortable with their job than to try and fit an elephant into a keyhole. introverted staff can be successful in this work environment. We encourage staff to be thoughtful and caring to all our guests whether it is simply acknowl- edging our guests or anticipating a guest’s needs. for example, if a guest is soaking their feet in our foot bath, staff are encouraged to bring them a towel. Many gestures don’t require lengthy conversations, but rather simple observation and consideration. Just be and own who you are. often, we tell our colleagues to treat the front- of-house like a stage and that you are just putting on a show, but as our guests evolve and the culture develops, people see through the facade and question your motives if you put on a face. it is better to be yourself and treat each guest like a friend that you are having a genuine, engaged, one-on-one conver- sation with. our guests want and expect care, profession- alism and authenticity in every encounter and that is what we should provide no matter if you are an introvert or extrovert. i tell my staff that they don’t have to be the chatty person to be successful. one of our most successful team members is shy, and she focuses on the guest and asks the guest questions so the guest leads the conver- sation if need be. Many guests want quiet anyway and just want down time to relax and refocus. n KEEP aN EyE oN your iNBox for the next ISPA Snapshot Survey, where you can answer upcoming Sound off questions for the chance to be featured here. June 2018 ■ PULSE 67