Pulse June 2018 - Page 63

job that keeps the engine running, which is really helpful,” she adds. Harper, coming from 10 years of management experience in the spa and wellness industry, believes that devel- oping confident and empowered leaders can quite literally change the face of the spa industry. “It is critical that we consistently focus on the personal and professional development of each team member and provide the education and additional knowledge needed to be successful in this industry,” Harper states. “Providing opportunities for each team member to learn and grow will empower them to be their best by building their confidence as a spa and wellness professional.” Harper stresses the importance of genuinely caring about your team and their success, admitting finding out through trial and error that team members will eventually leave if you don’t provide individual care and interest. “Every great leader surrounds themselves with great people they can cultivate into a confident and empowered group of individuals who strive for success,” Harper tells us. “Knowing your team and recognizing the strengths of every individual is imperative to finding successful leaders within your organization.” Because she believes so strongly in attending to each staff member’s desires and goals, she created a master trainer program for those individuals who want to begin developing skills to become a successful leader in the industry, “every great leader surrounds themselves with people they can cultivate into a confident and powerful group of individuals who strive for success.” regardless of their position or skillset. Harper also loves watching people find success, and knows the value that tasting success holds, which she wants all her employees to experience. “Success is sweet and comes in all shapes and sizes,” Harper says. “Everyone deserves to feel that purest form of joy. And if I can help someone find it in their lives, then I consider myself a success no matter what I do.” If your business could use an optimism boost, spending quality time with your team and leading by example is a wonderful place to start – or restart – that excitable feeling you got when you were the one appointed spa director. Toro talks about how the importance of supporting team members is key in this regard, while Harper reminds us that while being a manager may not be easy, it doesn’t have to be hard or miserable. Toro emphasizes optimism in the workplace as it pertains to “managing the guest experience,” stating your team’s connection to one another as the most important element in providing an unforgettable experience for your customers. “Get your team synchronized with you,” Toro says. “Get everyone on your side with the spa’s goals, inviting team members, especially ones working closely with you, to constantly support one another.” Harper points out to spa leaders everywhere that “you are in your position because someone took a personal interest in you and your success as a leader.” She advises spa managers and directors to pay it forward by taking the time to get to know your team individually, developing their skills and building their confidence, and igniting their passion to reach the highest potential and success in whatever they do. “Celebrate your team’s success and jump for joy wheth W"B2&r"6WfW'6vRF( 'W"W62F27V&V7B( ŖRFF2BRv6VRW"FVG&6f&&Rv0FR( ХvWFW"W"vVVB7GP&W6FW2&RvFF&( 2"'W.( 2"N( 26WFr6WFVǒFffW&VBFR'W6W72VFW"F֗6W76vR06V#FR7V66W72bW&FFWVG2FRVR&VBRF֗6BW"7W7FW'0F( BFf"6V6BFBW"WFFR'W6W72FW6( BG&6RFvFW"7W7FW'2b^( &RVvFfP7W"7Fv&VvFFVVvFfGBWfVGVǒW"7W7FW'2v&R&RFfVVFRVW&wFN( 0&FFrWfW'RFR&R6VB&wVRFBFR'7B7FWFV66&R7W7FW"6W'f6R2r7W&PWfW'7W7FW"f6rW'62BVvvVBFB7F'G2vFF֗6f"FRgWGW&Rb&FW"7BFPGW7G'2vRधVR#)jT4Pc