Pulse June 2018 - Page 42

solviNg iNdustry ProBlEMs 7. role Play training. I am the biggest fan of role play as a training tool. The reason role play works is because you can engage your team in a controlled environment with the goal of preparing them for potentially difficult situations. If you are asking your team to consistently provide exceptional customer service, you must provide training. By providing your team the opportunity to practice specific behaviors needed to handle customer interactions, you are setting them up for success. Try adding a role play scenario at the end of each staff meeting. It will be a fun way to get the group involved together while also sneaking in quick training sessions. “Share feedback with your team. Congratulate your employees on their strengths and implement training sessions to work on weaknesses.” 8. Quantify your strengths and Weaknesses. Evaluations can be extremely effective in measuring the success of your customer service. The same November 2016 ISPA Snapshot Survey asked which resources ISPA spa member respondents use to monitor customer service for their spa. Eighty percent used customer surveys conducted electronically, 74 percent used review sites like Trip Advisor, Yelp or Google and 62 percent used social media. Some of the tried and true options like feedback cards (63 percent) and secret shoppers (61 percent) were also popular. Once you receive the results of your evaluations, be sure to share them with your team. Congratulate your employees on their strengths and implement training sessions for your team to work on weaknesses. n 3 Ways to successfully rebook a spa guest dEMEtria gilKEy, salon owner and customer experience expert who works with salons and spas to improve their guest experience and thrive together as a team, has a few simple tips for turning first-time guests into repeat customers. 1. asK tHEM. Is it in your company policy to ask customers to schedule their next service upon checkout? This simple question could result in a huge rise in repeat clients. 2. loyalty PrograMs. Acco