Pulse June 2018 - Page 40

solviNg iNdustry ProBlEMs B y J u l i E Pa N K E y Ways to go above and Beyond in customer service so clients Keep coming Back JMPankey Partners specialize in spa operations consulting, social media, website design, marketing and brand development. Founder JuliE PaNKEy, known as the 7- figure spa consultant, is a results- oriented spa industry expert and visionary. About 11 years ago, I got swept up in a world of ultimate customer service as an executive spa director at the Four Seasons. The word “no” was not an option. If it was legal and moral, we would make the request happen. I have carried this lesson with me to the deepest depths of my core: create a company culture where exceptional customer service is paramount and the philosophy of over delivering is everyone’s primary focus. Exceptional customer service is a spa differen- tiator. guests can get the same treatments and products at any other spa in town, but they will choose—and continue to choose—your spa because of the amazing service you give them. The warmth, 38 PULSE ■ June 2018 care and kindness that a guest receives in your spa will turn into referrals, word-of-mouth advertising and social media reviews. Remember, mistakes handled correctly can be opportunities, but poor customer service is irreversible. But, how do you instill the importance of customer service and experience in your staff? After all ѡ䁅ɔѡ́ѕɅѥݥѠ)ѽ̸Q䁡ٔѡݕȁѼɸ䁥ѕȴ)ѥѼѥɕͥ́ͽ́)ч́ѡȁȁѽ́ݥ)х䁙аͼɔɔ܁ѥ́Ѽ)хፕѥѽȁ͕٥ٕ)ͥ