Pulse June 2018 - Page 33

shown that CBD has a plethora of physio- logical benefits. It will generally act to promote homeostasis in the body, situa- tionally reducing inflammation, decreasing blood pressure and even killing cancer cells through various apoptotic and anti- angiogenic mechanisms. Several studies have revealed upward of 50 mechanisms of action, which means that CBD is a multi-target therapy that can do many things. (usually in the form of oil or lotion) CBD’s pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties are released, making the experience substantially more relaxing. CBD oil also works in the favor of practi- tioners because they are able to work muscles more effectively and on a deeper level, without the pain that results from giving a deep-tissue treatment without CBD oil. After a successful foray into sales of CBD products earlier this year, TallGrass Aveda Spa and Salon in Evergreen, Colorado, announced the launch of its own private label line of therapeutic-grade CBD salves, soaking salts, sprays, tinctures, lip balms, bath bombs and bottled water. “CBD deep rub has become the top selling product in our spa,” says TallGrass owner Gail Sharp. “As the word gets out and CBD products become more and more well-known, people are finding out how powerful they are.” n “CBD has been BuyEr’s guidE: Cannabis described as an Incorporate this trend ‘anti-inflammatory into your service and retail offerings with this powerhouse’.” sampling of ISPA resource tallgrass aveda spa and salon Private Label CBD Product Line TALLgRASSSPA.coM partner products. A recent report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine claimed there was definitive evidence that CBD can be an effective treatment for chronic pain. Example cannabis Products and treatments CBD-infused spa products are gaining in popularity for reasons mentioned above, plus the topical benefits CBD oil can have on the skin. Several ISPA members have CBD- infused products, all of which claim to reduce inflammation and soothe skin. Meirav Devash, a reporter for Allure, traveled to the epicenter of the cannabis spa scene, Denver Colorado, to experience the buzzing beauty ingredient for herself. In her report, she noted that she had two massages using oil with CBD and that they were the best treatments of her life. This is because when applied topically with the cannabis-infused massage sacred Mind & Body PMS Pain Relief Lotion gETSAcREd.coM Biotone CBD Lab Blends Masssage Cream emerginc Vitamin C, Hemp, Avacado + Argan Body Lotion EMERgInc.coM BIoTonE.coM Hemp code Sublime Finishing Hair Cream HEMPcodE.US Kneipp Red Poppy & Hemp Pure Bliss Mineral Bath Salt KnEIPPUS.coM June 2018 ■ PULSE 31