Pulse June 2018 - Page 30

MEMBEr PErsPEctivEs strengthening relationships with customers Once you have a strong team who understands that customer service and experience is the lifeblood of the spa, then you focus on your customers by anticipating their needs and creating strong relationships that keep them coming back to your spa time and time again. De Vierville suggests exploring the nature of client and customer relationships beyond the economic exchange. Think complimentary one-on-one consultations, paying attention to every detail of your customer’s needs or even throwing a party! “Our clients respond best to anything that encourages them to interact with our team,” notes Kocak. “We have hosted happy hours and we have a beer and wine license. This year during out city’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, we grilled hot dogs for our clients along with any neighbors that wanted to partake. While most clients just want to get their service and get going, every now and then it is nice to have social interaction, which is the best way to strengthen relationships.” Connecting with your customers beyond the transaction is what makes your spa stand out in their minds. Excite your employees around customer service by asking for suggestions on how to engage customers. If you start there, you’ll be on your way to finding that secret sauce to impeccable customer service. n f E at u r E d s o u r c E s BrENda KocaK Owner sylvia WalsH Owner ModEN MalE sPas duBliN, oHio tHE sPa at traditioNs JoHNsoN city, NEW yorK Prof. JoNatHaN Paul dE viErvillE Director alaMo Plaza sPa saN aNtoNio, tExas