Pulse June 2018 - Page 29

the first time at a spa can be intimidating. it’s important to reach out to first-timers to turn them into repeat customers. How to Engage the first-time spa-goer By lidya Wati, PrEsidENt, sPa révEil, austiN, tExas 1. during the initial interaction with first-time spa-goers, actively listen to learn what services they have had in a non-spa environment that your spa offers. Leverage that in the initial conversation. For example, if they have had a manicure at a neighborhood nail salon, explain what they can expect to receive at your spa for a similar service. 2. Learn about their likes and dislikes, offering spa services that align with their likes. For example, if they love jacuzzi, tell them about your hydrotherapy services. 3. Find out their goals for visiting the spa. If they have a skincare-related issue they would like to treat, recommend an appropriate facial treatment and explain why you recommend it. 4. Provide clear information on what to expect during their visit. clarify cancellation policy, expected arrival time and check-in process. 5. on the day of their visit, be warm and attentive. Reassure them that you are available whenever they need your assistance. Before the start of a service, explain its benefits and expectations. Inform them to let you know if they feel discomfort at any time and check their comfort level a couple of times during the service. Be sure to note the ISPA code of conduct as well, which will let them know what to expect as a spa guest. 6. At check-out, request feedback on their experience and thank them for their visit. 7. Be calm and patient. First-time spa-goers typically do not know which services they would like to experience and tend to take a longer time to make a decision. This presents a great opportunity for you to learn about them and guide them in their decision-making process. June 2018 ■ PULSE 27