Pulse June 2018 - Page 27

Empowering Employees Servant leadership pioneer, Robert Greenleaf once said, “Good leaders must first become good servants.” This is a perfect mantra for spa leaders. It isn’t enough to expect your employees to be servants to your guests. You must also think of yourself as a servant. “Everything starts with leadership and trickles down, be the example,” says Branda Kocak, owner of Modern Male Spas in Dublin, Ohio. “My advice is to create awareness. In our industry we strive to provide a high level of customer service, and more times than not, the employees that we expect to provide that level of customer service have never experienced it themselves.” In other words, the kindness you show your employees will translate directly to the kindness your employees show your customers. The best way to do this is to recently the hire employees based on isPa staff used a disc personality, not necessarily assessment to learn how skill. A skill can always be our unique personalities taught, but some people compare. it was a fun way simply have service ingrained in them. to learn more about each Professor Jonathan Paul other and made for De Vierville, director of the a grEat staff Alamo Plaza Spa in San Antonio, rEtrEat! Texas, suggests personality tests as a way to find the best people for your unique culture. “Look at the various ways of human communications and living relationships,” he recommends. “Explore C. G. Jung’s basic psychological types: sensation, thinking, feeling and intuition. Also check out the Meyers-Briggs Personality Typology for fun, self-exploration and insight into your team’s personal- ities and strengths.” You can use this data to see who will fit in your team when hiring, but you can also use the data to bring your current team closer and allow them to see how everyone works best. You may have one idea of the best way to help a customer, but a more introverted staff member might have another that the bolder members of your team might not understand. These tests can allow your team to grow closer and empower each “...while training is necessary for basic service knowledge and company policies, it’s important your employees know they have the power to make decisions when it comes to their clients.” those who are exceptional at customer service are always one step ahead of their customer’s needs. June 2018 ■ PULSE 25