Pulse June 2018 - Page 26

MEMBEr PErsPEctivEs By KElly HEitz staNdiNg out: Member Spas Get Creative with Customer Service great customer service starts at the front desk and extends beyond the guest's time at your spa. here does excellent customer service come from? Is it something you’re born with? Maybe. Is it something that can be taught? Probably. Is it something that can be ingrained in your company’s culture? Absolutely. The companies who have found the secret sauce to impec- cable customer service all have one thing in common: it’s part of their culture. This means that employees want to do everything they W 24 PULSE ■ June 2018 can to help a customer. It means they are empowered to make decisions regarding customers on the fly and they are treated with the same respect you expect them to treat your customers with. Great customer service and company culture go hand-in-hand, and it all starts with spa leaders. In this month’s Member Perspectives, we asked several ISPA members how they strive to make excellent customer service a part of their culture. Their insights and perspectives vary, but all come down to the same thing: strong leadership.