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in everY iSSue 26 2 from the Chairman 6 Pulse preview 14 iSpa news and Calendar 15 Stay Connected 16 Countdown to Conference 18 Pulse points 22 Member News By KELLy HEITz And TARA SALAH ELdIn 30 24 34 38 Member Perspectives: standing out: Member Spas Get Creative with Customer Service By KELLy HEITz 30 trending: cannabis in spa The Seed Has Been Planted By ASHLEy ALT 40 64 32 Where in the World is iSpa? 34 conversations: daniel Pink author of WHeN: The scientific secrets of Perfect Timing By KELLy HEITz 38 71 solving industry Problems: 8 Ways to go above and Beyond in customer service so clients Keep coming Back By JULIE PAnKEy 64 ask the Expert: carl o. Helvie, R.n., dr.P.H. author of Reducing Your Cancer Risk (A Holistic Approach) By KELLy HEITz 66 iSpa Snapshot Survey 67 Sound-off 68 iSpa foundation 71 People of isPa: Jeremy Mccarthy group Director of Spa & Wellness Mandarin oriental hotel group aBout tHE covEr As a manager, keeping both employees and customers happy takes a bit of strategic thinking. This month’s cover illustrates the problem-solving many managers are constantly working through with chess—a game that is all about winning strategies. covER PHoTo © SHUTTERSTocK 12 PULSE ■ June 2018 Hong Kong 72 end notes