Pulse June 2017 - Page 68

HAPPY ISPA SNAPSHOT SURVEY! O NE HUNDRED SNAPSHOT SURVEYS is a pretty impressive milestone. To commemorate it, the survey was made available to both members and non members for the first time. As a result, ISPA received a record 736 responses. The questions on the survey centered around job satisfaction and employee values, and spa leaders, spa service providers and resource partners were given the opportunity to voice their opinions. As you can see in the below chart, the average job satisfaction rating for both resource partners and spa service providers was above four on a five-point scale, showing they are satisfied in their current position. Interestingly, spa leaders had the lowest average rating at 3.72 out of five. Using the following five-point scale, please identify how satisfied you are in your current position. Spa Leaders Spa Service Providers Resource Partners 1 VERY UNSATISFIED 2 UNSATISFIED 3 NEUTRAL 4 SATISFIED 5 VERY SATISFIED AVERAGE RATING 0% 3% 46% 26% 25% 3.72 4% 1% 13% 48% 34% 4.08 3% 3% 9% 31% 54% 4.29 Respondents were also asked to identify the reasons large of a role. Conversely, for spa leaders over 35, salary behind their most recent job change. The two most was the top reason for change at 46 percent and work common responses overall were salary/compensation environment at just 12 percent. These findings show that and work environment. millennial spa leaders put a heavy weight on company Among spa leaders, there was a shift in responses 66 culture and the key to attracting and keeping the best based on age. Work environment was overwhelmingly young leaders could have little to do with salary and the top reason for change among spa leaders under the more to do with investing in employee growth and age of 35 at 71 percent, though salary did not play as happiness. PULSE ■ June 2017