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well-being. That includes sleep, nutrition, movement, wisdom, wonder, purpose, giving, creativity and productivity. P: How can these wellness categories help someone with their personal wellness journey? H: When you prioritize all these core elements, your well-being will improve across the board—both at work and outside of work. In our wellness journey, we don’t leave our humanity behind when we leave for work. It’s not about balance. Thrive Global is based on the truth that work and life, well-being and productivity, are not on opposite sides—so they don’t need to be balanced. They’re on the same side, and rise in tandem. Increase one and you increase the other, which is what the science clearly shows. P: Technology can be both a huge asset and a burden on our wellness. How do you recommend finding balance in our ever-connected world? H: Technology is definitely a factor in our culture of burnout. We’re at an inflection point in history where technology accel- erated the pace of life beyond our capacity to cope. We’re being controlled by something we should be controlling. And it consumes our attention and cripples our ability to focus, think, be present, and truly connect with the world around us and ourselves. The answer isn’t to get rid of technology and go backwards, but we do have to be deliberate about finding time to disconnect. There are also increasing new technologies that can help us do that. One tip you can start with is not reaching for your phone first thing in the morning, but instead using ten minutes to breathe and set your intention for the day. Another is to set aside specific times in the day to disconnect – like leaving our phone at work when you go out for lunch. P: How can spa industry leaders work to combat high stress in the workplace? H: One study found that employees who feel burned out are 31 percent more likely to consider seeking another job than those who don’t feel burned out. And often what’s needed is a major culture change. Even the best wellness plans won’t be maximized if there’s not buy-in from senior management to change the incentive structure. So, it’s not just about awareness, but top to bottom culture and behavior change. n FAST FIVE Burnout at work, whether you’re in an office or the spa, can create a slew of problems for both your personal wellness and your company’s overall culture. Arianna Huffington has the cure. Here are her five tips for avoiding burnout. Get seven to nine hours of sleep. Sleep is the bedrock of well-being and without that firm foundation, we’re much more susceptible to burnout. 1. Make time to disconnect periodically throughout the day. 2. 3. 4. 5. Move – try to take breaks and build regular movement into your day. Take real time off. When you go on vacation, really go on vacation. Naps – they’re the world’s best performance-enhancing secret. INTERESTED in learning more about the science behind Thrive’s principles? Click here to learn more. June 2017 ■ PULSE 65